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photo of family Family Law
In 1978, I was appointed as a General Magistrate for the 17th Judicial Circuit by the Circuit Court Judges. A General Magistrate is a hearing officer in the Family Law Division. I held hearings on matters concerning all aspects of Dissolution of Marriage and post- judgment cases. I authored a chapter on court procedures involving General Magistrate in the Florida Bar CLE, Dissolution of Marriage Book. I was a guest lecturer at Nova Law School and Florida International Law School.

In 1985, I entered private practice, concentrating on Family Law Mediation and Family Law Litigation. This includes equitable distribution, child custody, child support and alimony, as well as post judgment modification, contempt and prenuptial agreements.

picture of a hand shake Mediation (Family and Civil)
I was certified as a Family Law Mediator in 1989 and as a Civil Circuit Mediator in 1991 by the Supreme Court of Florida. I was certified as an Arbitrator in 2001

Mediation is a process which brings parties together in an effort to settle their litigation. This begins with an opening statement which lays out the issues of the case. Then there is an initial discussion of the position of each party. With some give and take, solutions can often be found which settle the cases.

I had been appointed as the co-chairman of the Florida Bar, Family Law Section, Mediations Committee. We explore methods of improving the mediation process.

Mediation may now be scheduled by e-mail. For more information or to schedule a mediation, please complete form.

photo of man reading document Civil Litigation
I have worked on many civil litigation matters cases since 1973. Civil litigation is where one party sues another party for money damages. Examples are contract disputes, landlord/tenant disputes, real estate disputes, trust or will disputes and other business or personal disputes.

Each case is unique. My experience has shown me that all efforts should be made to settle these matters fairly, by mediation or settlement discussions, before they go to trial. If the matter cannot be settled, then the effort must shift to preparing for trial.

picture of house Real Property
I have been a member of Attorney's Title Insurance Fund, Inc. since 1973. Over the years, I have closed many real estate transactions representing either the buyer or the seller. A real estate closing on someone's personal residence is an important event and the procedure needs to be discussed and explained so all parties understand what is required to complete the transaction.

The commercial real estate transaction is more complex. The process involves identifying financing, inspecting the property and preparing the paperwork for the closing.

man with grandson photo Probate, Wills, Trusts
I have been preparing wills and probating estates for many years in Florida.

When a will or trust is prepared consideration must be given to what property will be distributed and who will receive this property. A personal representative or trustee must be selected to manage the assets and eventually distribute the assets. The manner in which the will or trust is signed needs to be surpervised.

A probate is filed with the court for the purpose of establishing the heirs of an estate and distributing the property.

Great care needs to be given to this legal process by the attorney since it is so personal to the individual setting up their estate and to their heirs.

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